's Big Miss with Johnny Rapid's 100th Scene's Big Miss with Johnny Rapid's 100th Scene

Cutie patootie Johnny Rapid has been pumping of videos for since November 2011 and last week the site released Johnny's 100th scene. It's a gang bang scene with Bryce Evans, Connor Kline, Mike De Marko, Phenix Saint, and of course, Johnny Rapid. But I'm hugely disappointed with's handling of this pivotal event.

I'm not a Johnny Rapid fan myself -- he's just not my kind of guy, but I can certainly appreciate why men love watching him in porn -- but the fact that has kept him around for 100 scenes means something. He's well liked by their members and he sells lots of memberships. I'm disappointed that didn't pull out all the stops and produce a proper Johnny Rapid gang bang.

It would have been easy to pull off. Pick Johnny Rapid's top five scenes, fly in the tops from those scenes, line them all up on a bench and Johnny goes down the line and suck all of their cocks, then have him ride all their cocks, and end it all with a massive cum shower. Make it an hour-long affair and the fans would love it.

Instead, we get this scene that was filmed who knows when. has changed their scene numbering system, so it's hard to tell, but I'm guessing this one was filmed a while ago. And the line-up is a lame birthday party someone threw together at the last minute with a day-old cake crumbling on the table. Phenix Saint. Seriously? The retired-unretired, gay-for-pay stud is old news and we're over him. Connor Kline has retired from the business as well. Bryce Evans is filler. I half expected Rocco Reed to pull a cameo.

Is this really the best could do? They owed the fans a better scene. They owed Johnny Rapid a better milestone marker. They dropped the ball on this one.

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