Big Latino Cocks

What do you suppose happens when you put together two Latino studs with two of the biggest, fattest, uncut cocks in the biz? When they're both eager to plug some ass, who gets to be top and who is going to bottom? If you let them sort it out, they do the most sensible thing - they'll take turns. Justin Christopher and Marcos Pirelli are "sorting it out" over at Xtra Inches in this scene from Raging Stallion's Manhattan. They find themselves alone in a warehouse and they take turns slurping down one another's big uncut cocks. God, they both have such fat cocks, it's hard to tell who is more well-equipped. Justin Christopher is the first down on his knees, chewing on his buddy's foreskin; and then, Marcos Pirelli follows. Marcos seems to have a bit more trouble swallowing all of Justin's cock. So he bends his Latino muscle buddy over and fucks his ass. And after a hot ass-pumping session, Justin gets his when he lies Pirelli across a stack of boxes and pummels his tight butt hole with his fat cock. Wow! What a hot scene. Big Latino cock lovers are going to pop over these two.

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