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Brian Green, a solid 225 pounds of inked muscle, is Men Over 30's discovery for this week. He works out 5-6 days a week and can now eat whatever he wants. He has come a long way and the results really show! This Florida native has been working on his massive body since he was about 15. Junior High was an especially busy period in his life. He got his first tattoo then, which led to more, and his first piece of ass'which also led to more! He lost it to a girl who was bout the same age. 'For the whole 20 seconds, I kept on fuckin'!' he laughs. Once he got a taste 'he was hooked!

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I cut right to the chase today and decided to show Brain in all his naked glory. Why not. You only live once. Besides, with a beautiful tatted bod like that, how could I resist? I so want to squeeze those thick thighs while on my knees in front of him. So much muscle.

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Well I have to say that Brian certainly looks straight. He's like some of those dudes you see downtown on a Friday night looking to raise hell. I'd like to raise some hell with him. And if he wants to take out his aggressions on my hoop he may.

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Such a serious look. What he needs is a good cocksucker in front of him making him smile. Any takers? Men Over 30 always give us some pretty hunky dudes. Pretty well are straight too and that's always nice for a change. The anticipation and hope that one day they may just turn the other way for a little while. Just long enough for them to drop their pants so us gay dudes can show them what it's really all about.

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