black guy fucking white ass

I don't remember if I have ever seen a black guy on Sean Cody. I'm not about to cruise through their 984 updates to see how many black men have been featured on the site, but judging by my surprise, there haven't been many. And that's too bad.

I'm particularly fond of the black-on-white niche, but only if there's fucking involved. Why? First of all, I love watching guys fucking; and with black and white guys fucking, it's all about the contrast. I mean, look at the photo of Dennis sitting on Landon's big, black cock. It's so beautifully clear just how much and how deeply Landon is filling Dennis's hole. When you've got a white guy fucking another white guy (or black on black) sometimes everything just becomes one big blur of pinkish-coloured or black flesh. Sometimes it's hard to see where a cock ends and a rosebug begins. Of course it probably helps that Landon's cock is huge, so there's lots of it to bury deep inside Dennis.

This is Landon's first guy-on-guy scene for Sean Cody. He jerked off on the site a few months back. It took him a while to get back in touch with the site, but I'm sure glad he did. And I love watching Dennis trying to suck and fuck that deliciously long, black cock. What a sight!

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