Big Fat Uncut Cock

I love this guy's cock. It's a big, fat uncut slab of meat, and I could nurse on that fucker for a good long time. Who doesn't like sucking a thick cock? But when it's covered in foreskin, I'm down on my knees and settling in for a long, slow cock sucking session. Marcus is a well-built 23-year-old bar tender. He loves lifting weights, snowboarding, and basically doing anything else that's physical. And in spite of being a bartender, he doesn't drink much. Marcus starts off this video doing some posing outside and stripping out of his clothes. His hard, muscled body looks fetching in the hot sun. He moves inside and relaxes, stroking his cock and getting it hard. After a quick shower, Marcus settles back on the bed and gives us a good look at his lean and muscular body. I love his legs, they're long and smooth, and he's got a pair of big feet. As Marcus strokes his foreskinned dick, his smooth balls tighten up and get ready to pump out a juicy load. And this stud has enough cock that he can jack his meat with both hands! He finally shoots all over his belly, and slides his foreskin up and down his thick dick to squeeze out every drop of cum. What a hot guy!



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