Big Fat Cock

I know I must sometimes come across as a flake, or at least indecisive. If you follow my blogs at all you will have heard me take about size not mattering, how I really prefer a comfortably average cock, or that big cocks are nice to look at, but hard to handle. And all of those things are true, and I really do prefer taking on an average-sized cock. But something happens to me when see a big fat cock like Samir's. And especially on a guy like Samir. He's a 20-year-old cutie who is pretty deceiving when you first see him sitting around his in in his jeans -- he's got absolutely no bulge. And even sitting there in his underwear, it doesn't look like he's packing much. All of a sudden, he slides off his underwear, and holy shit! he pulls out this monster of a thick cock. He measures it for us and it's only 8 inches long and 5.5 inches around, but it looks so much bigger. The cock sucker in me just gets all revved up when I see a dick like this. Samir lies back on the leather sofa and pumps his thick cock in his fist, and he sure doesn't disappoint us. He makes a big mess on his smooth stomach and chest.

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