You know that "rule" about gay porn, the one that says whoever sucks cock first in a scene is the one getting fucked? It doesn't apply here. And of course, maybe that's an old rule; maybe it was toss out with Jeff Stryker or Joey Stefano. I'll have to watch my gay porn a little more carefully. At any rate, Boyd here is the first one with a dick in his mouth in this scene. And the dick belongs to Adrian, a dark-skinned, shaved head, hairy guy with a comfortably average cock. But this scene is from Xtra Inches, so it's unlikely that Adrian will be doing the fucking in this scene. Not when Boyd is the one with the big fat cock. After Adrian gets good and horny, he gets down on his knees and sucks Boyd's dick for a while. It's a beautiful cock -- fat and banana-curved, and it look uncut, but it's hard to tell when he's fully hard. Adrian gets up on the couch, on all fours, and Boyd slides his cock home. Once Adrian's ass relaxes, the fun begins. Adrian rolls over on his back and takes Boyd's big fat cock missionary style, and then, Boyd picks Adrian up and physically bounces him up and down on his cock. Boyd fucks Adrian all over that sofa until Adrian finally blows a nice, thick load all over his hairy belly and chest. And then Boyd follows suit.

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