Oh my! What more can you say about this big, fat cock. I love these cock sucker's views -- down on your knees and looking up at a beautiful cock like Xerxes's. Look at how round and plump his cock head is. And can't you imagine sucking that bone while this beautiful, hairy Daddy tells you exactly how to do it. I sure can. I've seen Xerxes in action in a couple of gay porn videos and he's a hot fucker. Hard muscled and hairy body, shaved bald head, sexy goatee, beautiful hairy chest, and a muscle so hard you could bounce the proverbial quarter off of it -- actually you could bounce a whole roll of quarters off his butt. And Xerxes is completely versatile, just as happy to take a bone up his ass as he is to give one. And this man works out in the gym seriously. He's not a once or twice a week type of guy. This sexy man is in the gym every day building those round, sculpted shoulders, hard pecs, bulging biceps, and ripped six pack. And wait until you see those thighs of his -- heaven. Xerxes is featured on Rear Stable this week and I sure do hope we get a chance to see him in some more Raging Stallion movies.

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