Xtra Inches is a fairly new gay porn site, I think they're still less than a month old. And the thing I really like about them -- aside from the big cocks -- is that they present a nice mix of both gay porn stars and amateurs in pictures and video. Every week they update their member's area with both photo galleries and video clips featuring hot guys we've come to know and love, and others that we've never seen before -- and will probably never see again. Like Ash here. He's a smooth, twenty-something-year-old guy with very hairy legs and, of course, a very big cock. He wraps a measuring tape around it and shows us that it's more than 6-inches around. I'm a visual kind of guy, so even that monstrous proportion doesn't mean a lot to me until I put it in perspective -- an empty paper towl roll is 5.5 inches around. Now, if you want to take this experiment a little further, open your mouth and put that empty paper towel roll into your mouth. Do you feel how your mouth has to stretch? Can you imagine sucking something that big for, let's say, 20 minutes. Fuck, that's a big cock.

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