Big Cock Tattooed Man

As the year winds down, Men Over 30 is calling in some of the hottest favourites of the past year. And tattooed man Mack generated a landslide of e-mail. He's a handsome man with a lean, smooth body. His right arm is sleeved with an intricate black tattoo. And it looks hot. On the one hand, Mack looks a little on the innocent side, but that tattoo really screams bad boy. And when he finally releases that huge cock from his underwear, you'll be wanting a piece of this bad boy. Mack's cock is beautiful - long, thick, and straight as an arrow. It's a cock sucker's dream. He's packing a hefty set of bull balls that hang loosely between his legs. Mack loves wrapping both hands around his big dick and pumping it slowly. And you're in for an extra special treat when Mack gets down on all fours and moons the camera. He massages his fuck hole with his fingers and really gets my dick stirring. Mack finally dumps a thick load of cum all over his belly, just barely missing his navel.

Big Cock Tattooed Man

Hot Ass

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