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Joey is working out in the locker room, pumping some weights and working on those biceps. This 24-year-old has had plenty of time to work on his body. It's a lean, tight, and ripped machine. As he slips off his baggy shorts, his huge cock is busting to explode out of his jockstrap. Eventually there's no choice in the matter. His cock becomes so engorged with blood that the jockstrap can no longer contain it and it pokes its way through. What a beautiful piece of meat! Fuck! Joey is packing about 8 inches and about two-thirds of the way down his shaft, his cock bulges just behind his crown. Joey lies back on the locker room bench and wraps both hands around his formidable dick and starts pumping. Joey's not playing around either; he's got a goal in mind and he's going for it. He pumps his dick ever quicker until he blasts a thick load all over his hairy thigh.

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