Big Dick Fucking

Luke has just passed his eighteenth birthday, and two months into his newfound sexual freedom, Luke is doing porn. And he already knows that he loves getting fucked by a big dick. Chase is a little older, but at 25 years old, he too know what he likes - fresh, tight, butt. And Chase has beautiful, big 9-inch cock, so it looks like both guys are going to be happy with this video shoot. After a few tender kisses, Chase fishes Luke's dick out of his underwear and starts working it with his hungry mouth. But it's not long before Chase's formidable piece of meat starts thickening in his shorts. Luke spies that monster and starts nursing on it. As Luke feeds on Chase's cock, the young buck reaches down and slides his fingers into Luke's quivering hole. With Luke primed and ready, Chase pushes his hard dick deep inside of Luke with one deliberate, but gentle push. Once the guys are warmed up, Chase gets behind Luke and pumps his ass full of cock. And for the grande finale, Luke hoists his legs in the air and gets his hole pummeled until he spills his load all over his smooth abs. Luke's hole tightened around Chase's hole sends the top over the edge and he dumps his load all over Luke's.




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