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Tommy Defendi has got to be one of the hardest working guys in gay porn today. He's back in a hot flip flop fucking scene over at Extra Big Dicks. Check out more of Tommy Defendi here at Gay Demon where you'll find him in more hot, big-dick sex; naked wrestling; BDSM sex; and more.

Tommy and his 9-inch cock are paired up with Brent Biscayne, who is quite taller and evenly matched in the cock department. In this video the guys start playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. They turn it into a strip game. After a few rounds, Brent is the first one with his thick dick bouncing free. And it's a delicious cock - long, meaty, and thick. When Tommy catches sight of Brent's huge cock, he forgets all about Rock, Paper Scissors and falls to his knees. Tommy licks Brent's balls, then slides his tongue up the underside of Brent's thick cock, and finally plunges the whole thing down his hungry throat.

Tommy peels off his underwear and Brent wants to taste Tommy's 9-inch monster. Tommy sits back and Brent greedily slobbers all over his big cock. The guys can't stand watching one another taking turns that they get down on the floor and fall into a 69 cocksucking session. Now they're both getting their fill of cock.

Brent gets down on all fours and offers his ass to Tommy, who gladly stuffs it full of cock. Tommy's balls start slapping into Brent's ass and he pounds his hard dick heep inside. Then Tommy bends over a chaise and Brent starts fucking his sweet ass. "Fuck yeah, that feels so good" Tommy moans as Brent watches his cock slide in and out of Tommy's hairy ass. Then Tommy sits back on the futon, hoists his legs, and jerks his cock while Brent pounds his hole. Tommy shoots all over himself and then Brent blasts his load all over Tommy's. Two big dicks, two cock-hungry assholes, two horny guys, two awesome cumshots ... what a hot video.

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