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I blogged about Ethan and his huge cock a few days ago. He's got an impressive tool and I was quite sure that Sean Cody would be bringing this hot blond back for some guy-on-guy action; I hoped anyway - you never know if these straight guys are ever going to go all the way. But I certainly wasn't expecting to see him back on the site so quickly. But when I visited Sean Cody today, there he was getting his ass boned.

At first I was disappointed because there seems to be this phenomenon where a lot of big-dicked guys tend to be bottoms. And it was looking like Ethan was another one. Geez, even the well-endowed straight guys like getting their asses fucked. But as I checked out the photos summarizing the scene, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ethan gets his chance to do some fucking, too. So this is a flip flop fucking scene, my favouite kind.

Sean Cody wasn't sure if Ethan would be back. He seemed a bit shy and Sean Cody didn't really get the impression that Ethan was open to that kind of thing. But a few days later, there he was sitting beside Calvin. Ethan's cheeks were a little flushed and looked like he couldn't believe this was about to happen. When Ethan took off his shorts, Calvin couldn't believe what he was seeing. The guys swapped blowjobs and then Calvin slid into place and started fucking Ethan. Judging by the precum oozing out of Ethan's huge dick, he was enjoying it.

Then Calvin sat on Ethan's dick and rode it hard. Ethan grabbed him and pushed him back as hard as he could. Every muscle on Ethan's body tightened as he deep stroked Calvin's ass. Thrusting on Ethan's huge took, Calvin shot an intense orgasm, and then Ethan stood up and blasted a massive load all over Calvin's face. God, straight guys do love cumming on faces, don't they. I sure hope Sean Cody's going to get Ethan and his big cock back for some more action.

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