Big Cock Jock

Brenden is a beautiful, new face on Next Door Male. He's 21 years old and he loves working out. And I'm glad he does because he's got a gorgeous body for us to look at. Of course, he also has a big, thick, uncut cock. And that never hurts - well it does, but in a different way. Brendan has dreamy blue eyes, hot kissable lips, and a devilish bit of chin scruff. And with looks like that I'm sure he doesn't have any problem picking up in the bars. Too bad he's playing for the wrong team. And good lord, wait until you see his biceps - they're downright Popeye-esqe. One thing I didn't like about Brendan was his underwear. For such a hot body, he was wearing a baggy, ill-fitting pair of briefs. Brendan needs a gay friend to help him pick a hotter pair of underwear. A nice snug-fitting pair of briefs that really show off his bubble butt and six pack abs - and of course, his bulge. But in the end, his underwear are on the floor pretty quick and we're staring at Brendan's big uncut cock. Brendan works out his muscles before he gets naked and works out that cock. And when he finally shoots his load, he fills up his belly button with his manjuice.



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