"Good Lord," is about the only thing you can say when confronted with a piece of equipment like Dave's. Let's just start with those bull balls since they're so upfront. I love big, low hanging balls. I love holding them in my hands and rolling them around. I love trying to get them into my mouth. And I love feeling them slap against my ass as a guy's big cock is pounding into me. And what about that 9-inch cock. It's perfect, don't you think? I love how it curves off the left. And wait until you see what Dave can do with it. After he jacks it for a good, long time and gets it good and excited, he blows one of the biggest cumloads I've ever seen. He explodes all over the leather sofa and leaves quite a mess for the clean-up crew. And in the final shots, he bends over for the camera and shows us his hairy butt hole, those big balls of his hanging down between his thighs. It's hot.

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