Big Cock

Dominik is one of those guys who packs a surprise. When I first opened up his gallery at Xtra Inches, I wasn't terribly impressed. Actually, I thought, "That's a big cock?" I don't mean to be disparaging, but if you're going to show up on a big cock site, then you'd better have a big cock. And well, Dominik just wasn't really much of a shower. But as he slid off his underwear and started getting turned on, something big started to appear. As he pumped his cock in his fist, it got very big. In fact, by the time his cock was fully erect, he could have easily wrapped two hands around it. And then, as he got closer to exploding, his balls tightened up. Then suddenly, jets of thick cum shot up past his stomach and landing just below his smooth pecs. As the spasms waned, Dominik's balls start to relax, revealing a beautiful set of low hangers just sitting their on the couch. I did also find cocks a funny thing. One minute a guy is standing there not looking too impressive, and the next minute he's big enough to split your ass wide open.

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