Nick Uhas Big Brother 1

Our obsession with reality TV (and porn!) continues with the annual train wreck known as Big Brother. This hit CBS series returns each summer as sure as sweaty pits on the subway to enthrall viewers with a bunch of trashy (and sometimes sexy) houseguests. This year's crop includes a shaggy pizza boy (he delivers!), a conniving college nymph (who also happens to be a raging racist) and the sister of a previous BB winner (long live Brenchel!).

But the one cast member from Season 15 who immediately got our attention was New York City-based Nick Uhas. This 28-year-old hunk is a self-proclaimed "entrepreneur" who graduated from Yale. The Ohio native also happens to be a professional in-line skater, adrenaline junkie (he skydives!) and showbiz wannabe. Nick has previously worked on an unreleased movie with Girls' Allison Williams and hosted videos on YouTube. Did we also mention that his tits look like they're carved out of granite!?

Sadly, Uhas played his hand too soon and in Week 2 found himself out on the cold streets of the CBS backlot. But somehow we have a feeling we'll be seeing this aspiring starfucker again. Hmmm, maybe in an amateur solo video!? Just a thought!

Nick Uhas Big Brother 2

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