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John here is packing quite the whopper of a cock no doubt about it. I mean, does Extra Big Dicks ever feature anything less? But what really gets my knees wobbling is his balls. As we take this little tour of him showing off his special assets, check out the form of his beautiful testicles. The way they hang between his long thighs just begging to be fondled, caressed and just downright worshipped. Now this is not to take anything away from his wonderfully long and engorged fuck stick of course. It has a slight bend and is just thick enough to fit most mouths hungry enough to take it on.

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Oh did I not mention that he's very good looking too? Oh yes. Big cocks and hunk bods go hand in hand don't they? Well I like to think so.

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Now there's the money shot right there. I spent a good 10 minutes staring at his cock and balls here. Perhaps it's the angle and the way the light hits his jewels just so. But I know that if I ever got a hold of these play toys I'd have a hell of a time. And so would he. I'd make sure to it.

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Sticky and gooey, delicious and slurpy cum. My mouth is watering so badly my back teeth are floating. Extra Big Dicks just don't seem to run out of hot hung guys to show us. What a bunch of good folks eh? Bringing us all these huge cocks all the time. Forget all your worries and pull out the lube cuz' these guys are here to stay. God Bless them!

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