Hairy Muscle Guy

Balls are so under rated. We spend most of our time talking about a guy's cock, but as much as the balls are front and center, snuggled right up against a guy's cock, we so often over look them. Look at Kyle's balls - a couple of large plums hanging between his muscular, hairy legs; pinkish as the blood flows through them to keep his juice warm; the left side hanging lower than the right. Can you imagine holding those hairy eggs in your hand. They'd more than fill up your hand. Or how about sucking on them? Do you think you could fit them both in your mouth at the same time? And what about what's underneath his big balls? That dark patch of hair leading your eye into the soft, sweaty spot between his butt cheeks. And what about those beefy, hairy thighs. Fuck, they're a vision of beauty. After working up a sweat on the farm, Kyle showers up, and then, pumps out a juicy load. He squirts all over those hairy abs, shooting a thick load right up the center of his torso. And you can't do that unless you've got a big, healthy set of balls.



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