So much for that stereotype that Asian men aren't all that well-hung. Curtis here is half Korean and half Jewish and he's the latest addition at Extra Big Dicks. Curtis is a little guy, standing 5'7", but what he lacks in height, he's makes up for in dick size - he's sporting a 9-inch cock. And that's not all, Curtis has one of the biggest set of balls I've seen. They're monsters, beautifully smooth, and low hangers. I'd love to get those suckers in my mouth or die trying. His cock is lovely and thick, too, it just flops there and sits on the sofa as he strips out of his underwear. And before Curtis starts jacking off his big Asian cock, he lies on his stomach and fucks the couch. I love watching guys do that shit. Finally, Curtis's cock is big and hard and he starts pounding his meat. Those low hanging balls tighten and then he starts spewing a nice load of cum all over his smooth belly.

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