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Pavel is a handsome, dark-haired guy; he's half Bosnian and half American. And for those of you who don't know where Bosnia is, it's in the former Yugoslavian Republic, with Croatia wrapped around one side and Serbia sitting on the other. Pavel has traveled around Europe, and he's traveled extensively in the U.S., but this is his first time on the Pacific coast.

Pavel is a busy guy: he works in the morning and goes to school at night, and still, he finds time to keep that lean swimmer's build in good shape at the gym. Pavel has a great pair of hairy legs and a very furry ass. And his cock is comfortably average, big enough to get the job done, and sporting a plump, round cock head. A perfectly big-nobbed cock that would drive any cocksucker wild. He's got ripped abs and sculpted hairy pecs.

Pavel has never made a porn video before, so this is his first time jerking off for Sean Cody. The question is: will he be back for more? I imagine he will - he's a curious guy and seemed intrigued at the idea of having a guy suck his cock. But for now, you'll enjoy watching this good-looking stud jerking his cock at Sean Cody.

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