Big-nobbed Cock

Spencer Reed is a sexy, muscled hunk who has spent the morning backpacking through the rolling hills around his house. It's a great way to spend time and relax. Invariably, Spencer gets horny on these hikes; and with all that testosterone flowing through his veins, it's no doubt. This morning this Next Door Male hunk found a nice tree and took a break under its branches. He fishes his cock out of his pants and delights us with a big-nobbed cock. I love fat heads, mushroom heads, plump cock heads ... they fill up your mouth so completely. And I love watching a guy squirm as I roll my tongue around his sensitive crown. Back home, Spencer aims to finish what he started out in the woods. He strokes his cock slowly, and he even sticks his impressive boner through the handrail on the stairs. Sitting back on a leather chair, Spencer's balls send an impressive arc of cum through the air. The blob of spunk narrowing misses his face and lands on his shoulder. The next two thrusts land in the middle of his chest, and the final blasts coat his six-pack abs. Now that's an impressive cumshot you have to see!

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