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Ricky and Alexander are kickin' back and chilling out in the Extra Big Dicks studio. Ricky is complaining because he always gets more guys than girls hitting him up on his mobile. Ricky has a 10-inch cock and the guys are always telling him that guys are better at sucking dick. When Alexander tells him it's true, Ricky asks if he can back that up. Alexander gets on his knees and fondles Ricky's monster meat, then he hauls Ricky's huge dick out of his shorts. He only nurses on Ricky's cock for a couple of minutes before this huge boner is rock hard. Ricky stands and fucks Alexander's face.

But Alexander wants more than a huge cock in his mouth. So he sits on Ricky's 10 inches and impales himself right down to Ricky's big, bull balls. Then Ricky takes control of things and bends Alexander over and slides his mammoth dick deep inside Alexander's cock-hungry ass. As Ricky pumps Alexander's butt, their balls are slapping together.

The guys spoon on the couch and Ricky continues to pump Alexander's fuck hole. This position sends Alexander past the point of no return and he unloads a massive cum load all over himself. Then it's Ricky's turn: Alexander kneels, Ricky holds his head, and jerks off all over this big-dicked bottom's chest. Nice, big, messy load!

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