Nervous Guy Gets Fucked

Martin is a shy guy and says, "I'm usually pretty quiet." I think we often assume that good-looking guys are also outgoing, but Martin corrects us: "I usually wait for people to talk to me,"he explained. "I'm not sure why. I've just always been that way." But Martin isn't that shy because a few weeks back he stripped naked and jacked off on Sean Cody. In his interview with Sean Cody he mentioned that he considers himself to be bi-curious, but he still hasn't explored that curiosity. When Sean Cody approached Martin about doing his first guy-on-guy sex scene on film, Martin was definitely interested, but nervous at the same time. Obviously, he wanted his first gay sex experience to be with the right guy. Leading up to his first session Martin was so nervous that he could barely talk. His taste in men in pretty specific, so he was hoping that Fuller was going to turn out to be everything he wanted. "So you think he's cute then?" Sean Cody asked when Martin was finally sitting beside Fuller. "He's adorable!" Martin said shyly. And you can see that these two guys hit it off perfectly. Fuller was gentle at first and got into some hot foreplay with Martin. Then when Martin was ready Fuller slowly inched his hard cock into Martin's hairy ass. But once Martin was comfortable, Fuller pounded him within an inch of his life! It's a hot fuck scene.

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