New York Straight Men's Dave returns with an even hotter look than before! He has trimmed down his hair, grown a beard and put on 15 pounds of pure muscle! Ben just couldn't contain himself thinking about servicing this beefy muscle stud! Dave couldn't wait to get his cock sucked. Both men got what they wanted and more in this scenario. Watch as Ben goes to work on Dave's beautiful prick and shows him what great man-to-man action is all about once again.


Dave sure has put a fair amount of muscle on his frame. He looks so hot with his head bent back as Ben does his magic on his meat. I love the casual look of this shot. Ben doesn't even take his jeans off. He just gets Dave naked and works him. Damn!


You can see why Dave came back for more cocksucking. I bet he never had it feel this good with any woman he's been with. Like we all know, a man just knows how to suck a cock. I'm sure Dave will be back again, and again and again too.


I sure dig Dave's beard. He now has that look of a Greek God almost. Lotsa muscle helps too. LIke he can do anything he puts his mind to. I'm sure he can. New York Straight Men always do what they say and say what they mean. As is evident here I'm sure.

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