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Will he or won't he?! Bel Ami continues to tease the possible return of porn superstar Lukas Ridgeston. We first wrote about this last November, and sadly his big comeback isn't here just yet. But the studio sent out another press release this week hinting that one of its top leading men from back in the day (or at least 20 years ago!) could be making a return to performing. Ridgeston debuted in 1994 in the film Tender Strangers. His Lukas in Love from 2006 remains an all-time gay porn classic. He retired shortly after that, quietly moving behind the scenes to work as a director and a videographer.

As part of its 20th-anniversary celebration, Bel Ami commissioned NYC photographer Rick Day to do a brand-new photo shoot of the smooth stud. In case you haven't noticed, Lukas is now a man. "Gone maybe is the softness of youth," the release notes, "but it has been replaced by a manliness that is equally alluring, and of course, his trademark eyes have lost nothing of their appeal." True dat! Bel Ami is now suggesting that we might see more of Lukas before year's end. Here's hoping! For more information, visit

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