Oh dear, I'm in trouble now. I think I'm in love. Mike Power here is the latest new model over at Sex Gaymes and he's got one of the hottest uncut cocks I've seen in a very long time. His foreskin is so thick that when his cock is completely hard and curving upwards like a banana, it really does look like it's wearing a turtle neck. It's an amazing cock and I'm salivating just fantasizing about chewing on his foreskin and sliding that big bone down my throat. The rest of him is pretty hot, too. Short, cropped blonde hair, green eyes, lean and muscular body covered in tattoos, and a pair of very hairy legs. But honestly, Brit Mike Power could be ugly as hell, I'd still get down on my knees and bob up and down on that uncut cock. The question becomes: with a cock that big, how long could you suck it before you jaw seizes up?

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