Wow! I sure wouldn't mind hanging out in the locker room of this beefy muscle man's gym. What a hot fucking chunk of meat. Standing 5'11" and weighing in at 211 pounds, Jon is a hot-looking man. And in this solo jack off session, Jon is hanging out in the locker room. He flexes his muscles and pumps up his biceps and looks seductively into the camera. And then he starts to peel out of his clothes. First he strips off his shirt, and he shows off those massive shoulders, hulking arms, and hard pecs. What a gorgeous body. He peels out of his jeans and he's wearing a white jockstrap. He sits down on the bench and fishes out his cock - it's crowned with a deliciously plump head. He wraps his fist around his stiffening meat and gives it a few tugs. But Jon is in no hurry to shoot his load. He grabs a bottle of oil and greases up his body; his bulging muscles glisten. Then Jon grabs a dumbbell and pumps out a few curls for us. This is such a turn-on. But by now I'm wanting to see this muscle man pop. Jon sits down on the bench and jacks his cock, and when he's ready to cum, he steers his cock towards his massive thigh and he pumps out a polite load of manjuice all over his leg.



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