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I'm a fan of Sean Cody, he's got some of the hottest guys out there. But in a constant stream of hot men, one even starts to feel a bit ho-hum at times. Oh look, another hot guy getting his ass fucked. But every once in a while, I stumble across a guy who really catches my eye and gets my engines revving on all cylinders. Meet Richard. He just did his first solo jerk-off video for Sean Cody.

Sean Cody met Richard through a friend who had signed up for some personal training sessions at Rick's gym. And Rick was his trainer. Sean Cody's friend was so taken with this guy and could hardly talk about anything else ... Rick said this, then Rick did that, and Rick said I should do this. Finally Sean Cody asked his friend to direct him (discreetly) to the site and encourage him to send in some photos. And here he is, so I guess he did send in some photos after all. And I'm glad he did - Rick is hot! His body is chiseled perfection and he's enjoying the attention he gets.

Rick starts off his video showing us how he keeps in shape. He uses dumbbells and works his biceps, triceps, and chest. And in the process, we also get to know that Rick was in the military. The first time he picked up a barbell was in Iraq. Well, the discipline sure has paid off. Rick has a rock-hard ass and a very meaty cock, and I sure did enjoy watching him put down those dumbbells and pump his meat. He's a horny fucker! And I'm hoping that Sean Cody will be hauling back this military muscle head for some hot guy-on-guy sex. I can't wait.

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