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Roy Caldero is making his official gay porn debut on MenOver30. And I have to say that this 35-year-old, Hispanic stud is my favourite man of the week. He's been living in Miami for the past nine years. After many of his friends -- both straight and gay -- told him he should look into dancing and stripping, he did just that. He spends a lot of time in the gym, and it sure shows. He's 185 pounds of pure, chiseled beef. When the video first opens, he's sitting on the couch wearing jeans and a tight-fitting wifebeater, and his massive guns are simply awesome. I get all warm and fuzzy imagining waking up in the morning with those arms wrapped around me. But I simply wasn't prepared for what was happening in his shorts. Frankly, a lot of huge muscle men seem to be over compensating for a lack of muscle in their shorts. But when Roy slid out of his briefs, a meaty and big-nobbed cock popped out. And he wasn't over compensating for anything. And as he stroked it hard, it just continued getting longer and fatter -- and that cock head ... geezuz, it's like a small apple. And not only did Roy continue jacking his big-nobbed dick, but he inched a fat dildo into his shaved butt hole. Now I won't ruin the surprise by telling you how much of this fattie his ass swallowed up, but suffice it to say, this sure is one hot jack off session.

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