Beautiful Uncut Cock

Samuel has been a regular over at Next Door Buddies where is their unofficial, designated bottom. Whenever they get a straight guy over at Next Door Buddies who needs a blowjob or who wants to fuck a guy for the first time, they call in Samuel. He's beautiful - very good-looking, provocative blue eyes, and big, luscious lips. I love watching those lips slide up and down on a nice cock. And with lips like that you can bet that Samuel is a good cock sucker. And whenever Samuel is sucking a guy off, he always finds a moment to sneak a little grin at the camera without the blowjob recipient knowing. It's a little "ha ha, snagged another one" kind of smirk. And of course, Samuel can handle any sized dick they throw at him. I've seen him sit on some pretty big cocks. Well this week Samuel is flying solo over at Next Door Male where he's jacking off that beautiful uncut cock of his. After a little play outside and in his bathroom, Samuel lies back of a sofa and shoots a hot jet of cum up his torso.

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