Two big names in ethnic content - DawgpundUSA and Dunkin's Playground - have announced that they are joining forces, creating what may be a first in the gay porn industry: Be A Director For A Day.

"Imagine this: The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards have ended and Sarge has just won the award for "Top Bottom." A violent storm has shut down the city and the airport. You and Sarge are stranded together for the night sharing a hotel room. What fantasy do you have about this One Night With Sarge?"

After all the submissions have been received (no word yet on when the deadline is), Dunkin will select the top three finalists. The finalists will then be submitted to Sarge who will then select the winner. The finalist will be flown to New York City, all expenses paid, to film whatever fantasy he (or she) has created.

The contest couldn't come at a better time as gay porn studios try to figure out new and exciting ways to involve their viewers in the process and we look forward to seeing the final clip.

All serious entries will be considered. You can email Dunkin at:

Good luck everyone!


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