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I remember Nash Lawler when he first started doing videos for Next Door Buddies. He was a geeky-looking, straight guy, who more often than not, sat on a couch and got his dick serviced by a hungry cocksucker. That was a few years ago, and Nash Lawler has beefed up, filled out, grown some facial hair, and now he does a whole lot more than sit around getting head.

Parker London has been working for Next Door Buddies for a year or so and I always like watching this tattooed stud getting his ass fucked. Nash and Parker take a bath together. They mess around in the suds and then take things to the bedroom where Parker pulls the old "my back is really sore." Nash says, "I could probably relieve some tension for you; would you like a massage?"

Parker lies on his stomach and Nash climbs on top and starts rubbing Parker down. Eventually Nash's hands find their way to Parker's firm and round butt cheeks. Before you know it, Nash is lying on top of Parker and grinding his stiff cock into that beautiful ass. The guys swap blowjobs and Parker gets a good ass pounding. Lying on his back and with Nash pumping his ass hard, Parker shoots a big load all over his six pack; and Nash isn't far behind, adding his own load to Parker's hard, muscled torso. Head over to Next Door Buddies and check out the free video trailer.

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