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Ivan and Isaac had a lot of fun together in this hot scene that started off in the bathtub. Isaac has made quite a few videos for Sean Cody, 13 of them in fact (not counting the behind-the-scenes videos). In fact, I just blogged about him sucking off a fantastically hot blond muscle stud in Massage with a Happy Ending. Ivan is much newer to Sean Cody and has only made two videos, including this latest one with Issac.

They started off in the bathtub with some foreplay in a nice big bubble bath. There's a lot of giggling going on, so I'm pretty sure these two guys liked one another. One of my favourite scenes is when Isaac has his tongue digging in Ivan's ass; Ivan was checking it out in the mirror and watching Isaac rim his ass. They eventually got out of the tub, dried off, and headed for the sofa. They wasted no time and Isaac started fucking Ivan, who is a great bottom, he really loves getting fucked. Bent over doggy style, riding Issac's hard cock, and on the floor with his legs in the air, Ivan gets porked every way the guys can think of. And Sean Cody says that he's pretty sure that the guys hooked up later in their hotel room for some more private one-on-one. Sean Cody should have thought about hooking up a hidden camera!

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