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Troy is an handsome guy and he did his first Sean Cody jerk-off video almost a month ago. A couple of weeks later, he had his dick sucked for the first time on camera, and now, he's back getting his ass fucked bareback by one of the Sean Cody veterans, Jordan.

Troy is from a Portuguese background, but but he's never been to Portugal - he was born in the United States. And he's constantly mistaken for something else - Mexican, Persian, Brazilian, Puerto Rican. He's got a ripped body and he seems to be quite hairy, but in these scenes his body hair is clipped short. He's wearing some sexy face scruff and has a meaty, big-nobbed cock that hangs with a downward bend.

As Troy and Jordan get into it, Jordan mounts Troy and shoves his dick in his mouth. Troy has only sucked dick once before, but he's pretty good at it. He even fingers Jordan's ass while sucking his cock and shocks this top jock. When Jordan hoists Troy's legs in the air and inches his hard cock inside Troy's raw butt, the Portuguese studs says, "Shove that dick in me!" Troy seems to be liking getting fucked more than he thought he would - isn't that always the way? And if you want to see just how much Troy enjoyed his first ass fucking, you'll want to watch the "behind the scenes" video - while riding Jordan's cock, Troy shoots his load unexpectedly and hands free. "I couldn't help it," Troy said. "It just happened!" Now that's fucking hot!

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