Banana Guide

Banana Guide is an absolute smorgasbord of teeming gay male sexuality, presented in blog form with entries of remarkable heat and sexiness just jumping out as we scroll down from episode to episode. The site picks the best from all the more modern and topical pay sites - Sean Cody, Randy Blue, Broke Straight Boys and a huge number of other hot sites - and then makes posts, linking the episodes themselves back to the site or by providing galleries from the episodes indicated or even videos. It is diverse and interesting. Nor is it one-dimensional. A video by Pink - and a really heart-warming one - shows her advocating tolerance and respect for all sexual preferences in very outspoken style and singing gloriously, a talented and very relevant artist saying what most thinking people feel. This site is hugely rich in content, style and substance. For a surfer, it makes a great visit to see the latest offerings from famous sites, but it also provides enough culture to be as interesting in its own right. There is also a marvelous archives section, with practically innumerable episodes and sexy goings-on. Hell of a site, Banana Guide.

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