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These two horny blue-eyed bald studs have both appeared on Men Over 30 in a couple of steamy solos, and this week the site has brought them together for a sweaty fuck scene. Park Wiley is 32 years old and he's already made quite a name for himself in the gay porn biz. Robbie Ireland is a straight guy from Las Vegas. And it turns out that his current girlfriend is a dominatrix who has been dying to fuck Robbie's butt with a strap on. Robbie's been warming up to the idea of some hot ass play, but it looks like Robbie's dominatrix won't be the first to fuck his ass. And I'm betting when she sees this video she going to concoct some interesting punishment for her insolent boy. The guys swap blowjobs for a while and even get into some heavy 69 cock sucking; and then, with a stiff prick, Park gets Robbie down and all fours and starts sliding his dick inside the straight guy's ass. Robbie winces in pain, but eventually lets Park's hard cock inside. And to reward his new found bald buddy for a good ass fucking, Park offers up his butt and gets porked with some stiff straight cock until he spews a thick load all over his hairy belly.

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