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Hard-bodied and baby-faced Brock Russell is back on Men Over 30 to give us some alone time with that hot cock of his. Brock has been featured on the mature man site a couple of times in the past, in fact, I've blogged about him here both times, so check him out in Smooth Bald Man and Bald Men Fucking. Brock doesn't have a set type of man, but he admits that he typically prefers younger guys. Brock started jacking off when he was 13 years old, but he didn't go all the way until he hit college. And when he does get down and dirty, he's versatile. "It really depends upon whom I'm with," Brock says. He's an exhibitionist, and hence, his career in the the adult business. After stripping naked and showing off that beautiful body of his, Brock lies back on the floor. With a pillow tucked under he head, and his legs reclining up on the sofa, Brock greases up his cock and pumps out a spectacular load. He's a vigorous shooter, blasting a stream of cum right up between those chiseled pecs! Alright!

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