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Last week I blogged about Brock Russel in Smooth Bald Man. This sexy stud was making his debut on the hot mature man site Men Over 30. I was hoping that he would be back on the site soon, but I had no idea that he'd be doing back-to-back sessions. This week Brock is paired up with Doug Jeffries, who also appeared on Men Over 30 a couple of weeks back. (I blogged about him in Sexy Bald Man.) And when you put these two horny bald men together, the sex is nothing short of fiery. And as I had hoped, Brock Russell gets that tight ass of his fucked. Man, there's nothing hotter than watching a sexy, masculine guy getting his butt plugged! Well, except perhaps watching two hot bald men covering a ripped pair of six pack abs with loads of spunk!

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