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The hoard has been clamoring over at Men Over 30 - they want more of David Chase. And I can understand why, I've blogged about him several times here at Gay Demon. The last time this bald bear was fucking a guy's ass and before that this bald hairy cocksucker was chowing down on a nice Latin stud's dick. And all the way back in February I introduced you to this hot hairy bald man in his solo jerk off session.

In this scene, David arrives home all sweaty; he strips and heads into the shower. Ethan comes along and finds David's sweaty jockstrap. He balls it up in his hand and takes a deep sniff just as David walks into the room. So David offers the real thing and this steamy session gets under way. The guys swap blowjobs and this is a lot of fun to watch. They're both pretty evenly matched in the dick-size department. So they take turns slobbering all over one another's 8-inch dicks.

"You ready to get fucked?" David asks. Ethan gets down on his knees and offers his butt to this tall, bald stud. While David is pounding Ethan's hole, Ethan grabs the sweaty jockstrap and buries his face in it. Now that's hot! And way better than a bottle of poppers. These guys fuck for a while, but then David decides that he wants some of that ass action, too. So he lies back and Ethan pounds him with his big dick. As Ethan drives his cock harder and faster, David's jerking his dick and eventually spews a big load all over his hairy belly. Ethan joins in and add his spunk the David's hairy and sticky belly. What a mess! Head over to Men Over 30 and check out the hot preview video of these two horny men fucking.

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