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Terry Towel has been a presence on the web since 2001. That year he started writing his blog, Bathhouse Blues, in addition to working as a website projects manager. Prior to that he has worked in advertising and television production. His work in TV has included a stint on a daily entertainment news program. It was there that his writing skills where honed, having to write scripts and entertainment news copy. He brings that past writing experience to his own website projects and to here at gay demon. Bathhouse Blues is still the only blog on the web to discuss bathhouse etiquette and culture. He has a diploma in Radio and Television Broadcasting.

  • The Death of the Gay Baths?

    The Death of the Gay Baths?

    Recently an article was written by the Associated Press detailing the decline of gay bathhouses across the U.S. It must of been a very slow news week as this article was picked up by several mainstream outlets. From ABC News to USA Today to The Guardian in the UK. Add to that almost every news and sex blogs on the web. It leaves the impression that the baths are dying a very slow and painful death.

    That is far from the truth. Like any business, there are ebbs and flows. Sure they are having problems. But not to the extent detailed in the article. What is not mentioned is how the baths are viewed from a generational stand-point. Gay men in their 20s and 30s equate the baths as the type of sex taking place in a back alley or a toilet. In their minds the baths are a filthy, disgusting and dirty atmosphere. Conjuring up images of sexual diseases flying everywhere. It is a preconceived notion of gay sex. Yet when you ask these very same men if they have ever gone to the baths, 99% of the respondents say no. So how can you comment on something you have never experienced?

    That is why the baths are steadily declining in popularity. Bathhouse business owners must attract those younger customers who stick their nose up at the thought of going to a place like that. They must market the baths as a fun sexy place to visit. To court that next generation. If bathhouse owners fail to do that, then their existing clientele will literally die off. Once that happens, more and more younger gay men won't know what a bathhouse is. The bottom line is that while the bathhouse businesses is cyclical, it is also generational.

    Photography credit: Chris Femat

  • Demonstrating 4 Gay Anal Sex Positions

    Demonstrating 4 Gay Anal Sex Positions

    David and Jimmy seem like the perfect match. Both are athletic, sport tattoos and most importantly have big uncut cocks. These Sean Cody guys are ready for action. Clothes get ripped off and the two get hard right away. David finds Jimmy's ass perfect for raw fucking. In some ways this video seems like an instructional film for different gay anal sex positions. With David fucking Jimmy bareback at every conceivable angle.

    First is the most common position, missionary. Jimmy's legs stretch wide and high, so he can open his hole big enough for David's cock. Next position is another common one, doggy style. David pounds his cock into Jimmy's now stretched hole with ease. Next position is not one you often see, pile driver. Throughout it all Jimmy has remained rock hard. Which means he must love getting fucked. Finally the last position is cowboy style, as Jimmy begins to jack his throbbing hard cock for relief. When both guys shoot off huge cumloads, it is a sight you have to see for yourself.

  • Breaking In New Bottom

    Breaking In New Bottom

    It is amazing how cyclical gay porn is. It was only a few years ago that Adam Archuleta was a newcomer to the industry. Wide-eyed and inexperienced, he learns on the job. The first time he ever bottomed was for Bel Ami Online. Now it is Adam who is the gay porn veteran. As such it is he that is breaking in newcomers. Just like he was broken in a few years ago.

    Meet Rhys Jagger, the latest addition to Bel Ami Online. With his sparkling blue eyes, this hunk has broad shoulders and big muscle. Rhys must spend all his time at the gym, correct? Nada. He only goes to the gym once a year! Attributing his physique to a diet of no salt or sodium. Sporting a huge uncut cock, Rhys has mastered the art of topping well. But not bottoming, which is where Adam comes in. Time to learn the fine art of being a bottom. Who better to teach that than Adam? Rhys is a willing and eager pupil, judging by these pictures. But this is just the beginning. Rhys will have many more lessons by the fine male performers of BelAmiOnline. Nobody does it like them.

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  • Breaking In The New Guy

    Breaking In The New Guy

    Anytime a new guy joins the frat house, other members need to break him in. No practical jokes for this crew. Their idea of breaking someone in, is fucking the guy. Chris has barely moved in before he is subjected to this initiation. Starting with getting cocks warmed up for fucking. That means sucking off multiple dicks. Going from cock to cock to cock. Even trying to take three cocks at a time! Going in as deep as possible so those dicks feels his tonsils.

    With the cocks warmed up for action, it is time to break in Chris ass. The guys are very democratic about this. Passing Chris asshole from guy to guy. Smoking and drinking in-between each fuck. Some even smoke while riding Chris ass. At the end of all of this Chris will have a hole that is broken in, with ton of cum in his mouth. Being the new guy does have its privileges!

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  • Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh Shoots Huge Load of Cum

    Hugh is a sexually curious straight guy in need of some dough. Why not get massaged on film for cash? After all it is not like he is doing anything that risque. He is just getting his body oiled up and massaged for the world to see. What harm would it be?

    Though Hugh has gotten his share of 'happy endings' from women, he has never gotten one from a guy. But what difference does it make? Hugh is comfortable with his own sexuality. Hand is a hand.

    Lying face down, one is has immediately struck by Hugh's round bubble butt. It is a beauty! The masseuse has noticed Hugh's rear end as well. During the massage he keeps coming back to Hugh's ass. Sensing that this massage is turning Hugh on, the masseuse decides to go for it. He begins to finger and rim Hugh's hole. It becomes noticeable that Hugh is enjoying this as his cock stiffens.

    Switching sides, Hugh displays a dick that is hard as a rock. Taking this as a sign, the masseuse began to suck that cock for all its worth. Between slurping and jacking off Hugh's piece of meat, it doesn't take long for him to shoot his load. And wait until you see that cumshot. It travels clear across to the other side of the table! Don't believe it? Go to the video and see for yourself!

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  • Footballer Spanked and Fucked

    Footballer Spanked and Fucked

    Bryan absolutely loves playing football. There is nothing he won't do to be able to play the game. Even having to undergo a severe initiation by Dave. At first glance, Bryan's smooth rear end is a thing of beauty. However Dave wastes little time in paddling that butt. He exerts all his force to spank Bryan's ass over and over again. Continuing the hard blows until Bryan's white ass turns pink. But Dave is just getting started. He next wants Bryan to beg for cock.

    Upping the ante, Dave decides to use a belt instead of a paddle, to whip Bryan's ass. So while Bryan begs for cock, his ass receives blow after blow from the belt. Despite the searing pain, Bryan continues to grovel for dick. Finally Dave relents as he shoves his hard erect cock into Bryan's mouth. Grateful for the relief, Bryan hungrily sucks Dave's cock. Almost like his life depends upon it. But all this spanking and sucking has made Dave incredibly horny. He switches sides and begins to fuck Bryan's ass hard. So not only are Bryan's outer cheeks burning from the pain, so is his tight asshole. With Dave showing no mercy fucking that ass. Bryan is going to have a hard time sitting down after this initiation session.

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  • Behind The Camera with Eurocreme

    Behind The Camera with Eurocreme

    Eurocreme has been on the lookout for new straight performers to fill out their roster. They have gone all out, spreading the word in the hopes of getting the crème de la crème of straight guys. With added hope of getting tasty crème from these dudes as well! It seems that they have succeeded in their mission. Their latest film is chock full of world class twinks.

    As an added bonus, Eurocreme has assembled a behind the scenes making of this video. Featuring one of their biggest stars Lyle Boyce. He talks about how much he enjoyed the filming of this latest production. Especially getting it on with Daniel Johnson, whose motto is work 'hard' and play 'hard'. He is not talking about his work ethic, but rather his enormous huge cock. Don't believe me? Well you will have to watch the behind the scenes clips to see for yourself!

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  • Gunshots Inspires Cumshots

    Gunshots Inspires Cumshots

    Tyler Beck is new to the world of gay porn. Wanting to get to know him better, Aaron French and Seth Chase decide to take him out to the woods for a hike. The serene environment is interrupted by a gunshot somewhere in their vicinity. Frightened by the sound, all three run in different directions.

    Eventually Seth finds himself all alone, and surprisingly turned on by the sound of the gunshot. Leaning against a tree, he begins to start jacking off his hard cock. Tyler spies Seth jerking off and begins licking his lips at the sight of his cock. Wasting no time he goes right up to Seth and begins sucking him off. Aaron stumbles upon the guys in action, and decides join in the fun as well. This gunshot certainly inspired the potential cumshots all three guys will be shooting off in this video. You have to see it for yourself.

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  • Loser Has To Suck 3 Cocks

    Loser Has To Suck 3 Cocks

    Exercise is terrific your body, soul and especially the mind. In fact any form of activity can give you a high as it releases endorphins in your brain. It can make you even horny for sex. Which was the case with a bunch of guys who just finished a game. They are on such a high as they have been on a winning streak for 2 weeks in a row.

    The guys decide right then and there to have a contest to see who can get hard the fastest. Loser has to suck off the other three. Scott gets the short end of the stick, but is it really losing? Like Charlie Sheen, Scott sees it as winning. He has been eying his teammates cocks for so long, he can't wait to suck them off. The end result being Scott drenched in cum as guy after guy shoots their hot load all over him.

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  • Veiny Twinky Cock

    Veiny Twinky Cock

    Rob Jackson is a bi curious twink with a secret weapon. What is it? His cock! It is one big piece of man meat. But piece de resistance is the veins on his cock. When erect those veins are not only prominent, but look ripped. As if all those veins are about to explode out of his skin. That is how huge those veins are.

    While nice to look at, can this veiny cock perform? We'll soon find out as Rob begins to demo his dick. He rubs a healthy amount of spit on his cock to lube it up. He then begins to jacks off ever so slowly but sensually. Rubbing his cock up and down and back and forth over and over again. All the while putting more and more saliva on his dick to keep it nice and wet. For those who like cock shots, this video has tons of them. With the camera shooting extreme close-ups of this jack-off scene. Rob eventually shoots his load, and when he does it is huge. You have to see this cumshot for yourself, as it is sensational.

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