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Joe Spunk has been working in the online gay porn business since 2001. He started off as a junior web designer for MANcheck, a popular gay-porn portal. After a couple of years, Joe Spunk branched out on his own and dabbled in a number of online porn sites, but today he runs a family of gay porn blogs. His main blog is Joe Spunk where he posts and writes about hairy men, gay bears, and masculine men; but he also runs a number of other porn blogs covering niches from foreskin and uncut cocks, big dicks, and jocks. Through his candid and brazen writing style, Joe Spunk has built up a strong fan base of guys who love hearing about his sexual escapades. Joe Spunk calls Toronto home.

  • "Gaymers" Debuts with Rikk York & Fernando Del Rio

    "Gaymers" Debuts with Rikk York & Fernando Del Rio

    A brand new series called Gaymers is debuting at Raging Stallion and it brings 10 horny and hung gamers who play out their fantasies. In the first episode, Rikk York has just beaten his online gaming opponent, Spencer Whitman, and boyfriend Fernanando Del Rio is a little jealous of the attention this hot gamer is giving his man. York moves in the appease his lover with a passionate make-out session that leads to these two hairy hunks fucking each other on the floor. Is Spencer able to see them? Is he jacking off? Or has he moved on to a game of his own?

    Gaymers also stars Daymin Voss, Eddy Ceetee, Hoytt Walker, Xavier Huxx, Ty Mitchel, Buck Richards, and of course, Rikk York, Fernando Del Rio, and Spencer Whitman. 

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  • Damien Crosse & Jake Cook Flip-Fuck

    Damien Crosse & Jake Cook Flip-Fuck

    This fuck session is intense. Jake Cook and Damien Crosse are on fire. When one man's hole needs a break, the other offers his. They plow each other hard swapping back and forth -- they just couldn't stop screwing. In between there's lots of kissing, spitting, and slapping. The poor camera man had a hard time keeping on top of this pair.

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  • Kyle Holmes Fucks the Couch

    I blogged about Kyle Holmes a few days ago, but his couch fucking clip is just too juicy. I had to show it to you. Kyle is 22 years old and works out like a maniac and this is his first video for Gay Hoopla. He really likes to show off, so he kneels in front of the leather sofa and sticks his long dick between the cushions and starts pumping. Wowza!

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  • Real Brothers Jerk Off Side By Side

    Real Brothers Jerk Off Side By Side

    Michael Stax and Jacob Stax are real brothers, not Pornland step-brothers like we're so used to seeing these days, but the real deal. The Stax brothers are twins and they're 26 years old. They're not identical, but their thick meaty cocks nearly are. The guys aren't shy and say that they've had threeways in the past. A scene like this doesn't come along very often. We'll have to wait and see if they do a threeway for Active Duty.

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  • "I Hear You're The One With The Big Dick."

    "I Hear You're The One With The Big Dick."

    Luke Adams and Tex Davidson have just arrived at Hunter Marx's place for a weekend getaway. Hunter's been dreaming about getting his lips around Tex's big cock. Until now, he's only heard about it. Hunter suggests Luke joins Liam Knox by the pool, leaving Tex and Hunter alone in the bedroom. "I hear you're the one with the big dick," Hunter says. "Yup," Tex says, then he unzips and pulls it out.

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  • Blond Boy Gets His Arse Popped

    Blond Boy Gets His Arse Popped

    Casey Flip and Martin Rivers swap kisses and blowjobs on the couch. Then Casey pummels Martin this way, that way, and sideways before literally filling the boy's stretched out pucker with his cream. Fully satisfied that he's getting no more drilling, Martin lets loose a jet of sticky goo all over his smooth belly.

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  • Fucking Under A Highway Overpass

    Fucking Under A Highway Overpass

    Dirty-blond Miky Bolton stumbles across Mike Lantic sunning himself under a highway overpass. (They don't have beaches in the Czech Republic? Guess not, it's a land-locked country after all.) Miky takes some pictures, but when Mike wakes up he's upset that he's being recorded, so he makes Miky suck his dick. Still angry, Miky sits on the blond's big, thick cock and goes for a ride. Way to punish him Miky, I'll bet he never plays peeping Tom ever again. 

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  • Skyy Knox Gulps Jason Vario's Huge Dong

    Skyy Knox Gulps Jason Vario's Huge Dong

    Business man Skyy Knox has just spilled his drink on construction worker Jason Vario. When Knox attempts to leave Vario follows him outside. "You made a mess, now clean it up," he orders. The executive does what he's told, first licking his drink off Jason's bulging bicep, then getting down on all fours to clean the constructor workers boots. Then he chokes on Jason's huge uncut cock.

    Vario gets his revenge and cums all over Skyy's face and expensive work shirt, but only after he drills the businessman's ass. 

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  • Submission Wrestling: Corey Law vs. Miguel Alves

    Submission Wrestling: Corey Law vs. Miguel Alves

    Corey Law and Miguel Alves are good friends, but they're out of sorts at the moment. Corey teased Miguel in front of their friends and Miguel is pissed off. They decide to settle it out on the wrestling mats and Corey offers to make things interesting -- winner gets to fuck the loser.

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  • Spotlight

    "It's Not Gonna Fit, I'm Just Sayin'."

    Porn's supposed to turn us on, but I don't mind when it makes us laugh too. Construction boss Rocco Steele arrives to find his workers, Alex Adams and Lance Hart, goofing around. He lets into them and Lance laughs a bit. "I'll show you funny," he growls, pushing Lance to his knees and grabs his bulge. "How do you walk around with that shit?" Lance says. 

    Steele pulls out his massive meat stick and beats Lance's face with it. "I'll work hard," Lance stammers, "I'll work way harder." Then Steele bends Lance over the ladder and prepares to fuck him. Lance begs, "Please. It's not going to fit, I'm just sayin'." It fits. The whole damn thing fits.

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