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  • Interview with Bjorn Nykvist

    Interview with Bjorn Nykvist

    We spoke to stunning blond Staxus model, Bjorn Nykvist and discuss everything from underwear to superpowers!

    Let’s get straight to the nitty gritty. What’s it like to be a porn star at the age of just 21?

    It's great, although I actually never planned to become a porn star. I'm happy to know that so many guys out there like to watch me and what I do, but after having finished my very first shoot I was far away from thinking that I could be called a porn star some months later! I was kind of surprised, positively of course.    

    How did you decide to get into porn and how did you feel when you first began?

    I always liked to watch porn and when I did that together with a friend of mine he told me about Staxus and their work. He encouraged me to contact them, so I took some pics of me and my dick and to my surprise they invited me for a shoot. Without my friend supporting me I don't think I would have had the courage to apply. I know that I have a big cock, but nevertheless I am also insecure sometimes about myself. But I guess that's normal for every man out there. When I arrived at the set for the very first time, Staxus really took care of me and made me feel good every moment. 

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  • Interview with Angel Lopez

    Interview with Angel Lopez

    GayDemon interviews Staxus exclusive model, Angel Lopez to find out about his career in porn and a bit about his background.

    Thanks for doing an interview for GayDemon. So they call you “Angel the Tongue.”

    You are welcome. My pleasure! Yes, hehe they do, but I don’t know why …

    How did you get started in porn and what made you decide to become a porn star with Staxus?

    I always wanted to work in the porn Industry. I love sex and everything about porn. Also all those hot boys that you can see at Staxus so … it was my dream!

    What was your first scene and who was it with? Tell us a bit about how it was for you.

    My First scene was with a hot Czech model. I don’t remember his name to be honest. But was a great experience! I feel very nice working with the Staxus team. They make you feel very comfortable and safe. I loved every second of that first scene.

    Catch Angel Lopez at Staxus

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  • Interview with Jack Hunter

    Interview with Jack Hunter

    GayDemon interviews Jack Hunter to find out all his favorites, how he likes to start his day, and what he's still yet to do sexually!

    GayDemon interviews Jack Hunter. He talks about his celebrity crush, his fantasy porn scene, and how he starts his day.

    If you weren't a porn star and could have any career you wanted, what do you think you'd be doing?

    Well, I don't plan on being a porn star my entire life. Really I got into porn to build a following and branch out into what I really want to do, which is be a Hollywood actor.  Invoking emotion and telling a story on screen, that can bring a person to tears or make them laugh out loud, that's what I really want to do.

    Do you have a favorite scene? And why?

    The scene with Mark Long for Next Door Raw was probably my favorite. It was a lot of fun working with him. He's so sexy! 

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  • Helix Studios: Grayson Lange & Corbin Colby

    Helix Studios: Grayson Lange & Corbin Colby

    Corbin Colby has a cocksure swagger and when he sees his buddy Grayson Lange walking down the street his primal lust takes over and he carries the twink back to his lair where Grayson takes down his pants to get sucking on his gigantic cock. Corbin then gives Grayson's ass a rimming and then shoves his bare cock inside the slender boy to fuck him raw and empty his balls!

    Click here to watch the movie at Helix Studios!

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  • Trending Video: Angel Lopez & Filip Bethsaida

    View full video at staxus

    Preist Flip Bethsaida won't take no for an answer at Staxus. He's confronted with the temptation of beautiful twink, Angel Lopez's ass. That's a predicament we all know where the end result will lie. This video is the most viewed this week on GayDemon. The priest cannot resist sliding his raw cock into the smooth boy's hole to give him a shafting.

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  • Bromo: The Dom with Jae Amen & Brendan Phillips

    Bromo: The Dom with Jae Amen & Brendan Phillips

    In part one of The Dom at Bromo, Brendan Phillips gets dominated by Jae Amen, a rough fucker with handsome dark features and a big dick. He rims Brendan's beautiful ass to get him nice and wet for his cock and stuffs his throbbing boner down Brendan's throat. He slides his raw cock into Brendan's ass and gives him a pounding, using some black tape to bind his wrists to his ankles to keep the submissive bottom in place!

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  • Cocky Boys: Justin Brody Fucks Adam Ramzi

    Cocky Boys: Justin Brody Fucks Adam Ramzi

    Justin Brody is not afraid to take what he wants and he's doing just that at Cocky Boys with scene partner, Adam Ramzi, who has left the door on the latch and is on all fours on the bed, lubed and ready. Justin walks right in and gets straight down to fucking using spit for lube. They grunt as they pound on the bed with Justin fucking from behind until he is ready to blow his load.

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  • Sketchy Sex: Getting Fed With Multiple Loads

    Sketchy Sex: Getting Fed With Multiple Loads

    This dude has been getting his ass pounded by a bunch of guys at Sketchy Sex. He doesn't even remember their names and just craves their fat loads in him nice and deep. Each dude takes turns plowing his tight little hole with loads already inside. When each guy is ready to shoot a load, he wraps his lips around their cock end and takes it in his mouth, getting fed with multiple loads.

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  • Trending Post: Horny Frat Boys Fucking

    Trending Post: Horny Frat Boys Fucking

    Tyler gets punished by frat men

    This week's most viewed post comes from Fraternity X where Tyler has to be punished for dropping the bottle of booze. They each take turns to fuck his ass raw and fill him with cum.

    "The dudes pin down his drunken ass and tie him up then each take turns shoving their dicks up his hole and pounding him, busting him a new hole"... read more.

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  • Falcon Studios: Urban Spokes with Rod Peterson & Ryan Rose

    Falcon Studios: Urban Spokes with Rod Peterson & Ryan Rose

    Rod Peterson cycles through Precidio enjoying the beautiful Pacific coastline when his chain breaks. Ryan Rose offers to help and takes Rod back to the shop where he runs a bike messenger service named "Urban Spokes". Frantic kissing ensues as their eyes lock. They strip out of their spandex gear and Rod goes down on Ryan's hard cock. Ryan gives Rod head too before Rod feels the pleasure of Ryan filling his ass with his cock.

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