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When guys decide that they want to go into gay porn, it can be quite easy for them to be taken away in a cloud full of cock, and then they forget about reality and then the persona of a "porn star" takes over. Many guys in the industry crash and burn very quickly due to the fact that if you ain't smart in the biz of sucking dick and getting it up the jacksy, then you got less than 15 min of fame.

One porner that has bucked the trend here is the 24-7 horny as fuck Austin Wilde. I don't know him personally but recently we have exchanged some DM's on twitter and he seems to be very approachable and friendly. Could this "down to earth-ness" be the secret of his success?


Recently, Austin blogged about tips that he would give up and coming porn stars in order to survive in the world of gay porn. He writes from everything to getting your own domain name to club appearances. If you are thinking about dipping your cock in the land of porn, this seriously is a must-read and hopefully will be something you will choose to mold your career from.

Granted I know that not all of the guys out there are as smart as Austin when it comes to his career, but I would much rather be taking pointers from someone who is about to launch his own studio than someone that spends meth-hazed weekends in clubs sucking cocks in the toilets. I ain't mentioning any names 'cos as you know... I ain't one to gossip.

Take a read HERE and other porners: take note!

Thanks Austin for these hot pic ya sent us!

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