Austin Wilde Fucks Self-Sucking Dominic Santos Austin Wilde Fucks Self-Sucking Dominic Santos

So you think you're a good bottom, don't do? Can you do this? Even with all the yoga classes in the world, I couldn't lick my own cock while getting boned. Maybe it's a myth that practicing yoga gets one limber enough to perform auto fellatio, I don't know -- this bear doesn't do yoga. And I'm built nothing like Dominic Santos here. I don't have ripped abs and an eight-inch-cock. Austin Wilde from Guys in Sweatpants has a washboard and a big dick, but I've never seen him licking his own dick. Maybe one has nothing to do with the other, but he sure gets turned on seeing Dominic do it.

Dominic Santos is a Randy Blue boy and he's been hugely popular over there, ever since he debuted on the site over a year ago and showed us that he can suck his own cock. He also debuted in Randy Blue's first bareback scene back in March when fellow Randy Blue all-star Jordan Levine fucked his ass. I don't know how the whole Guys in Sweatpant and Randy Blue co-production came about (if you know, please comment down below, I'm interested in finding out) but Austin Wilde joined Dominic Santos on the Randy Blue set and they almost set that bed on fire.

This is a fun and passionate scene. When it opens Dominic and Austin are standing on opposites sides of the bedroom, staring at each other, Dominic cracks a dirty smirk, and crawls across the bed. They kiss passionately, then Austin pushes Dominic on the bed. There's no acting here, these guys are into each other. Dominic mounts Austin, reaches around a slips Austin's hard-on through his ass crack a couple of times, then works it into his ass with one persistent slide. Austin chortles as Dominic inches down his pole. It's fun moments like this that make this scene worth watching -- hell, you want to keep it -- but seeing how much cum Austin drills out of Dominic is more than impressive. I didn't know a guy could cum that much.

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