AssQuest Part 2 is the latest movie from Raging Stallion Studios and Monster Bang Video. One thing that stands out about this video is the director, Michael Brandon. As a pornstar, Michael Brandon's cock - called Monster - is a legend. So it's not surprising that when he helped form a studio, it would be named Monster Bang Video.

AssQuest Part 2 shows the kind of fucking that director Michael Brandon was known for as a pornstar - hard, aggressive, driving. The cast is star-studded and features some of the biggest cocks in porn. If you love muscular men, leather boots, jock straps, AssQuest Part 2 is definitely a wild ride!

In the first scene, Matt Colmar blew me away! A muscular leather daddy, Matt gets fucked by the huge black cock of newly signed Raging Stallion exclusive Tamas Eszterhazy. As Matt is rammed by that huge piece of meat, his face hovers between ecstacy and pain - infuckingcredible!

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