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Joe Strong has been one of my favourite guys over at Extra Big Dicks. He's a sexy Puerto Rican, covered in tattoos, and swinging an 8.5 uncut dick between his legs. Joe likes it both ways -- as in men and women -- and we've seen him jack off on the site. So this week, Extra Big Dicks paired this horny fucker up with Tony Michaels, a cock-hungry stud from Miami. Tony starts sucking Joe's big cock, and quickly they're wrapped up in a 69 cock sucking session. But Joe is really into Michael's butt, and not in a fucking kind of way. Joe slides Michael's cock out of his mouth, and then, buries his tongue between the stud's butt cheeks. Driving Michael crazy with his tongue, Joe doesn't let up. He does eventually get around to fucking Michael, but after Michael jacks off, Joe is super horny and ready to cum too. Joe sits back on a chair and gets Michael to stand on the chair and plant his butt right in Joe's face. And the horny Puerto Rican eats out Michael's ass while jacking his own big piece of meat. As Michael grinds his ass into Joe's face, Joe shoots a big load all over his smooth belly. What a hot fucking way to cum!

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