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Tony Vega is really horny and he needs it now. He doesn't care who or how, but somebody had better fuck his ass -- and soon! Standing on a platform in the Hot House Backroom and fingering his fuck hole, Tony is wearing only a t-shirt and a 4-inch ball stretcher. This is the scene that faces Jessie Balboa when he enters the room. Balboa starts sucking Vega's long, thick cock and licking his extended nut sack. After chowing down on Vega's shaved-smooth ass, Balboa gets him on his knees and starts working a series of large dildos and butt plugs into Vega's hole. Frankly, I'm a little surprised by this scene because Balboa is normally the one down on all fours and begging for an ass pounding. But I guess when Balboa saw Vega grinding away like a cat in heat, he took pity on him and decided to help a buddy out. But then, just as I suspected, Balboa hops up on the table and Vega gives Balboa's ass a work over with his fist. In the final scene, Vega works his own hole with a dildo while jacking off all over Balboa's big, satisfied ass!

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