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This guy leaves little to the imagination, except I can't solve the mystery of what the "D" stands for in the video title "Muscle Surfer Wrecking His Mancunt While Gooning On A Huge D." 

Is he referring to a high milligram Vitamin D supplement? He's in California so I can probably rule that out.

Maybe a diaper? Probably not as he seems quite continent.

He can't be referring to a dick as based on his apparent appetites, I don't think, even considering his ego, that he'd call his own dick huge.

Maybe development? Like he gets turned on by immoral, gentrifying real estate development. When he sees small businesses and affordable housing torn down, displacing people and community, replaced by soulless high-rise offices or luxury housing with chain store retail below, he precums a gallon and orgasms in his brain? 

No, that's Jeff Bezos.

Maybe doobie? Nah, I don't see him toking on anything, much less a "Huge D"-qualifying blunt.

If only I weren't so distracted by the large dildo he's wrecking his mancunt with, maybe I could figure out the mystery of the "Huge D." Oh well.

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